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Discussion in 'Fan Forum - Random Thoughts' started by poop ona stoop, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. poop ona stoop

    poop ona stoop Most folks just call me "Old Man."

    did anyone catch this new show on TLC? it's interesting as all hell...if you don't know it's basically about four 20 something amish kids going to new york...the first episode was really interesting about them breaking the news to their families and all that..and i'm really hoping it doesn't turn into some trashy reality show cuz this has some serious potential
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  2. Shana

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  3. Sounds

    Sounds "UNNNNNNNNNNNNNggggggg!!!"

    fuckin rumspringa.
  4. Cubcakes

    Cubcakes Fuck your yankee blue jeans

  5. poop ona stoop

    poop ona stoop Most folks just call me "Old Man."

    not least how i understand the term...this isn't something condoned by their's either stay and do what you've always done and experience nothing else..or leave and be shunned

    but as far as i know rumspringa is like a time of exploration to find yourself and make sure you really wanna do the amish thing...all of the kids say they're leaving to find themselves, but it's not something the church or their families is making them do or even like

    and holy fuck the amish a cold-hearted people
  6. fevertrees

    fevertrees Well-Known Member

    Did you hear about those amish dudes that got arrested for cutting other guys beards off? lol It was like a gang of amish kids pissed at their dads or something like that so they started cutting beards off.
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  7. poop ona stoop

    poop ona stoop Most folks just call me "Old Man."

    lol wtf? no i never heard that
  8. Prhymeate

    Prhymeate Well-Known Member

    There have been a few interesting documentaries on TV here about the Amish. One follows them travelling around Britain and trying out different lifestyles, called Amish: The World's Squarest Teenages, another called Living with the Amish and the most recent one on the BBC called Amish: A Secret Life, which is a really good fly on the wall documentary. I think they seem like pretty nice people, despite their oddities.
  9. Have they started doing Meth yet?
  10. angrygn0me

    angrygn0me RELEASING STROGRE

    I want to see this. I've been fascinated by then since my class took an 8th grade field trip out to Lancaster to see how they all live and shit.
  11. D.C. Hive

    D.C. Hive Well-Known Member



    watching the first episode right now
  13. FouRtwEnTy420

    FouRtwEnTy420 Yeaa, about that..

    are they going to be making those sweet heaters?

  14. I love their pretzels
  15. du Chatelet

    du Chatelet HOLO FO SHOLO... BC YOLO

    I would like to try to assimilate with the Amish for a year

    A la Paris and Nicole but way better
  16. __VC__

    __VC__ Terps!

    Thanks to this thread I tuned in to this show last night. Good stuff. Very interesting. I will be watching.
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  17. du Chatelet

    du Chatelet HOLO FO SHOLO... BC YOLO

    ahhhhh shit. i forgot about this. is it on demand? HULU?

  18. DMB&311

    DMB&311 Guest
  19. du Chatelet

    du Chatelet HOLO FO SHOLO... BC YOLO

    knew i could count on you
  20. Jennitalia

    Jennitalia I'm so hip hopular

    im so behind on tv. i want to see this.

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