Track List Leaked!!!!!

Discussion in 'Album Chat' started by Cubcakes, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Cubcakes

    Cubcakes Fuck your yankee blue jeans

    1. Party of the Summer
    2. Sangria
    3. Has Maxine Landed Yet?
    4. 2 at a Time
    5. Falling for it
    6. You've been Had
    7. It Didn't Really Leak
    8. You should see your face
    9. Priceless
    10. Having fun at your expense
    11. J/k
    12. TTYL
    13. Beautiful Disaster 2
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  2. MargeInTheLargin

    MargeInTheLargin B's Ain't S but H's and T's.

    Sounds dope. I predict "Has Maxine Landed Yet?" to be the trippy Transistor-style song we've all been waiting for.
  3. JukeboxGroove

    JukeboxGroove Beerknurd

  4. Cubcakes

    Cubcakes Fuck your yankee blue jeans

  5. steveo3242391

    steveo3242391 Q-Tron's Bitch

  6. Skywarp

    Skywarp A Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl.

    1. My H8ers are Just B8ers
    2. Sexy Hexy (Will Give You Luv in the Dub)
    3. Rock Candy
    4. Revenge of the Space Ram
    5. Twitter Madness
    6. Got Down?
    7. Dancehalling Oates
    8. Clouds Will Lift (Stay Positive)
    9. (Is There an) Echo in Here? (That's my Daughter)
    10. 15 Minutes of NHQ Outtakes
  7. Cubcakes

    Cubcakes Fuck your yankee blue jeans

    You'd think that but this has been up for several days.
  8. DominusSathanas

    DominusSathanas Kristendød

    I don't think "Creative Writing 101" is going to be the album we were hoping it would be.
  9. Skywarp

    Skywarp A Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl.

    Whoa-oh: Eleven Songs About Phone Calls
  10. DeagoMortenstein

    DeagoMortenstein 311 Theorist and Splinter

    1. Make it rough
    2. Make it tough
    3. Make love
    4. Friday Afternoon
    5. 8:16 P.M.
    6. Week of Saturdays
    7. We have gone a ways
    8. Wheat grass
    9. You are a melodic gem
    10. Algebraic Grave
    11. 3D11
    12. Chuck Hull
    13. Exciteable Ones (For one moment)
    14. From From Chaos
    15. Jacks always have an excuse
  11. Alvarez311

    Alvarez311 Active Member

    1. Bleachers
    2. Consider not that Much
    3. Crack the Colon
    4. Same Mistake Thrice
    5. Beyond the Brown Bowl
    6. Seems like Diarrhea
    7. Still Peeing
    8. Give me a Ball
    9. Don't Smell
    10. Other Side of Sphincters
    11. Sometimes My Stench Rules the Room
    12. Hey, Jew!
    13. Trix it up (Milk is for pussies)
    14. Don't Sled on Me (the Snowman's Ballad)
    15. FUCK YOU!
    16. Stealing Crappy Flowers
    17. Inner Scope Colonoscopy
    18. On-beat Fully Clothed
    19. Strong Billabong
    20. Wake Your Dog Up
    21. Don't Spread on Me (the cold butter song)
    22. Nothing out of Everything
    23. Trahn's Sister
    24. Walking
    25. This Gas Shall Pass
    26. Tick Sight
    27. You Get Birthed

    Oh yeah and I heard there are some bonus tracks
  12. ska

    ska Guest

    1. Motivation
    2. Absent Minded
    3. Boundary Breaking
    4. Make It Rough
    5. Raze the Town
    6. I Need to Say
    7. Through Darkness Comes Light
    8. Ringing in My Ears
    9. Communicate the Visions
    10. Friday Afternoon
    11. Change is Coming
    12. Dizzy
    13. The Feeling You Get
    14. Continuing Down This Path
    15. Stereolithic
  13. Smoke

    Smoke Well-Known Member

    joke or serious, looks more serious than joke, and I don't see "throw pillows" in the thinking joke.
  14. DeagoMortenstein

    DeagoMortenstein 311 Theorist and Splinter

    Raze the town is too similiar to Bomb the town. Fake.
  15. Spaceman

    Spaceman needs every muffin recipe

    wake your dog up haha
  16. Thumbs311

    Thumbs311 Active Member

    Soo was that possibly real? If so, cool. If not, stop having so much time on your hand.
  17. Jayhawk311

    Jayhawk311 Well-Known Member

    Haha we made custom t-shirts for the cruise this year with "311 ocean lingo" song titles on the back:

    1) Drown
    2) Reggae Got Shoal
    3) Who's Got the Reef?
    4) Give me a lcohol
    5) What Was I Drinking?
    6) Poo Drops in the Ocean
    7) Misdirected Navigationally
    8) Never Ending Sunburn
    9) Porpoise
    10) Bomb the Sound
    11) Sea Creatures (for a while)
    12) Hydrophilic
    13) The Continental Shelf-Life
    14) Don't Swell
    15) Algae You Feel?
    16) I Like the Bay
    17) Bahama Stylee
    18) Suns(creens) are for Pussies
    19) Wanderin' Around in my Floaties Again


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  18. Chandler

    Chandler Member

    Those track titles are fantastic
  19. DeagoMortenstein

    DeagoMortenstein 311 Theorist and Splinter

    Misdirected Navigationally is fantastic. I'm thinking of a Moby Dick parody music video.
  20. Skywarp

    Skywarp A Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl.

    But Two Drops didn't even need a pun to give it a nautical theme. And poo doesn't exactly strengthen it...

    Could have put "Sailor Flare" on there instead--and that's a double-pun, damnit! It fits the nautical tone and is also synonym for bell-bottoms.

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