Why are republicans so selfish

Discussion in 'Fan Forum - Random Thoughts' started by Adam, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. Adam

    Adam ಠ_ಠ

    Really? Still trying to deny healthcare for millions and shut down the government if they don't get their way?

    Discuss. I really don't understand this
  2. Don't Be So Digital

    Don't Be So Digital Well-Known Member

    The Republicans have pushed me away these past 10 years. This is not the party of Eisenhower, Lincoln, or Roosevelt. It's not even the party of Reagan, despite what they might claim. The party has been hijacked by a small minority of extremists. It's bizarre to think, but they are one half, of one third of the entire federal government. And they're going to dictate how things should be ran? It's insane. And all of this because they gerrymandered the hell out of their districts and until that issue is fixed, there's no end in sight to this.

    This monster they've created is their own doing and they now will have to deal with it, and unfortunately, so do the rest of us.

    There's no logic or reasoning behind what they're doing other than these assholes campaigned on "repealing" Obamacare and will get primaried if they don't and so the cycle will continue. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of this law, Congress passed it, and the man who championed this beat the hell out of the guy who said he was going to repeal it.

    But, hey. It's "destroying" the economy and it's "big government." But us not paying our bills on items THEY already spent on will certainly not have any dire consequences on our economy!

    I hope every asshole Congressman who wants to repeal Obamacare because of this bullshit idea that it's "government getting in the way" gives up their top of the line government-sponsored free healthcare that they themselves receive.
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  3. Flashfire

    Flashfire Freezing Time

    Meanwhile, they want to limit food stamps further.
  4. Don't Be So Digital

    Don't Be So Digital Well-Known Member

    Well, there is an end in sight to this. They're catering to old white people. And old white people who love Christianity and guns are dying off and becoming the minority. The Republicans are clinging onto this group of people to carry them and it's such a short-sighted vision.
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  5. Boss311

    Boss311 You wouldn't believe...

    Amen, Don't Be So Digital.

    I'll add, with regard to yet another attempt at repealing Obamacare, that the definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over, expecting a different result.

    Their attempts cheerleading the American people through this with lies and delusional speech is maddening.
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  6. Don't Be So Digital

    Don't Be So Digital Well-Known Member

    And lets be clear about this: The Democrats won the Health Care debate and there's nothing Republicans can do about it. The conversation has now changed. No matter what anybody thinks about the health care law, it is one of the biggest achievements in this country's history. Because since Teddy Roosevelt, no president has been able to pass any piece of legislation trying to reform health care in this country. And it's here and Obama was able to get it done.

    It's no longer good enough for Republicans to just simply repeal it. They need an alternative that is better than what's in place. And they don't.
  7. Kevin


    In 20 years time the GOP's grip on the nation will be gone if they keep to this strategy. Probably much sooner.

    Regardless of what happens to the GOP, big business will always get their way. They have just had one hell of a good ride since the Neo Cons came to power.
  8. Kevin


  9. Flashfire

    Flashfire Freezing Time

    The political solution to something you don't like is not to try to work within the lines to make the most of it or try to get it changed over time, but to stomp around like spoiled little brats having a temper tantrum and push to have it completely repealed "or else."

    But then, on both sides most politicians seem to be more about themselves than actually representing the voice of the people who elect them.
  10. Boss311

    Boss311 You wouldn't believe...

    Boehner (on the latest vote in Congress): "This is a victory for the American people, and common sense."

    How is this a victory for the American people who voted twice to have ACA in the first place?
  11. Kevin


    They don't represent their electives. They represent the people who gave them the money to run a campaign to get their electives votes.
  12. Shana

    Shana Manic Pixie Dream Girl

    I agree w/ lots and lots of wut you said Bob. It's sad to see what those minority extremists - tea partiers and religious zealots - have done to conservativism in this country.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say one thing and that is I'm not a fan of the whole "well if they don't want healthcare for all, they should be willing to give up THEIR free government-sponsored healtlh plans!"

    Wellll, that's not really the same is it? They're getting healthcare as part of their job, same as I do. Healthcare in government, even when you don't pay out of pocket, is still part of your compensation and factored into what you, as an employee, cost. So it's not free...technically it is earned - though that is debateable when they're essentially threatening to strike and not really getting their jobs done!
  13. fluffy

    fluffy Well-Known Member

    Maybe because the Obamacare is a big piece of shit that is expensive and no one understands.
  14. Don't Be So Digital

    Don't Be So Digital Well-Known Member

    I just have a real big problem with people who rail against "big government" and "socialism" and who want to keep healthcare privatized yet they themselves receive those very things they rail against. And perhaps it's earned (though, considering how much they make and how few meaningful bills they've passed, even that's debatable) but the perception is there and it looks terrible if one really thinks about it. And as we both know, perception is reality.
  15. Shana

    Shana Manic Pixie Dream Girl

    I see what you're saying but the exact point I'm trying to make is that are aren't receiving the same things they rally against. At least I don't see it that way, I mean. At the most base point, they are rallying against blanket health coverage for all, administered by the government, not having to be earned or paid for. I see it like this: when I worked for a city government, I did not pay any premiums or monthly costs at ALL for healthcare - it was awesome! But, the city factored that into my cost as an employee, and it was part of my compensation package - part of what I was earning for being an employee, and I see it the same way for congress. I'm looking at "the government" in this case as a place of employment. So, I don't get the comparison and not really a fair argument.
  16. Robby


    While I think Obamacare is stupid as well..

    Republicans are flat out crazy and Democrats want to give give give give to people who haven't earned shit.

    I'm not sure why the Republicans think the only people who exist are rich and the Dems think the only people that exist are poor.

    Neither side gives a flying fuck about the majority of the citizens.

    We need another Teddy Roosevelt. If you don't listen Teddy he'll personally beat the living shit out of you. We need a badass.
  17. Don't Be So Digital

    Don't Be So Digital Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. I see your point and it's a fair one, I just still disagree. Because, at the end of the day, they're still receiving healthcare through the government and it's still better than anything you or I will ever receive. It's like the Tea Partiers who cry socialism and "big government" but don't you dare touch m Social Security or Medicare! Again, it's perception. And guys like me who used to align he selves with that party and those former ideals get disgusted by things like that. It may or may not be hypocrisy but it sure reeks of it.

    Anyways, we probably won't agree on this particular point. And that's ok. We can compromise. :)
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  18. Flashfire

    Flashfire Freezing Time

    What about the people who have worked to make their contribution to society but are down on their luck for one reason or another? Maybe they need a hand to get back into a more successful position again.

    The idea that Democrats just want to give a bunch of free shit to people who have never done anything to justify it is a myth. I guarantee you the percentage of people who are really content to try living on meager unemployment benefits and food stamps is smaller than you think.

    But then, the class system in this country is screwed up. Americans still have it better than much of the rest of the world but most of the average middle class is barely scraping by overall.
  19. onword47

    onword47 Hood Champ

    I am a lifelong democrat who has been working since I was 15. I'm married with two kids.I PAY A SHIT TON OF TAXES...How the fuck am I a taker? Fuck those Tea Party fucks! History will remember those traitors.

    ACA is MF'n LAW!!
  20. Robby


    We both know these people aren't the big benefactors or the majority in this.

    I still say tax the living fuck out of the rich, who wouldn't even notice what's being taken from them and help out the middle class..who are already being forced to pick up the slack for the poor, which in turn...turning some middle class folks into the poor.
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